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Top tips to sell your rental property

Top tips for landlords who wish to sell a rental property…

1) Incentivise

Selling a rental property with a tenant in situ can be a challenge. Tenants are entitled to live their lives as they wish, and although you can ask them not to smoke in a property, or cause damage, you cannot dictate how they live their lives, or insist they keep it permanently tidy. Unfortunately an untidy property makes it more difficult to take photographs and conduct viewings to show a property off to its best advantage.

Some landlords successfully incentivise tenants by offering the last month’s rent free in return for certain conditions, such as being flexible with viewings and ensuring that the property is kept very tidy. Every viewing counts, and an incentive of this type can work well. It also has the advantage of costing the landlord nothing if the tenant does not fully participate.

2) Great outdoors

A garden is a great selling point. If everything internally is good with your rental property, but the garden is a mess consider getting a subcontractor in to neaten everything up before it is put on the market. Don’t accept that potential buyers can see the potential in a space, as nowadays people expect a certain standard. A nice neat garden is a massive tick in the box and a property that could be number one on someone’s list could easily be discounted if the garden is a mess.

3) Freshen up

If a property has been rented for several years it may be worth giving notice to the tenant and only marketing it after the tenant has vacated. This allows the owner two to three weeks to paint inside and undertake any jobs that will give the place a lift. If the tenant had decorated to his or her own taste, it is always advisable to repaint in neutral colours such as magnolia or cream.

4) Kerb appeal

Statistics show that buyers tend to make their minds up about a property as they are walking up the path and within four paces of being inside the front door. For this reason, make sure the drive is clear of any weeds, tidy up any pots, sort out broken fences etc and if your tenant is in situ ask them to keep the hallway clean and tidy – free from children’s shoes and other family paraphernalia.

5) Consider your market

When it comes to buying investment properties, landlords are interested in yields.  If you are keen to sell your property quickly then you could sell it with the tenant in place, but if you sell on the open market you could achieve 10-15K more.

6) Spread the word!

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Britain leaves behind £493m worth of valuables when moving home

According to the results of a new survey, a quarter of careless homeowners are leaving behind a small fortune in forgotten possessions when moving home.

A recent study of 2,000 homeowners revealed that 26% of movers have forgotten a beloved item when packing up their home, to the tune of £ £317.69 on average per household – totalling over £493 Million in forgotten items nationwide.

12% meanwhile have had something of significant sentimental value vanish or break during the moving process.

A spokesperson from eBay, who commissioned the research, said: “Moving home is a hassle, and squeezing your life into a stack of cardboard boxes can feel like a monumental task at times. With the refreshed Home Move hub, we hope to help Britain move a little better by providing a simple one-stop shop at your fingertips with a wide range of products and tips tailored for every type of move.”

The study also revealed that one in four homeowners take a ‘Caretaker’ approach when packing up their home, filling boxes and planning meticulously to make sure the move goes smoothly.

12% admitted to falling into the role of ‘Packing Procrastinator’, putting off the process for as long as possible.

20% of homeowners start planning their house move at least six months in advance, and a further fifth pack their first box a full month ahead of moving day.

An impulsive one in eight meanwhile procrastinates until the week of the move before kicking the process into gear.

When it comes to enlisting help with the move 49% would ask their partner to assist, and 27% choose mum first ahead of the quarter of homeowners who favour Dad.

Men are most likely to kick off ‘The Big Pack’ by boxing up the bedroom, while women pack up the spare room first.

Forty four per cent think the kitchen is the room that is most difficult to pack up from a practical perspective, which explains why 41 per cent choose to leave it until the last minute.

In the chaos of setting up in a new location Brits reach for the kettle first, with 45% unpacking the kitchenware before starting on the rest of the house.

Four in ten homemovers say that changing home makes them feel like they are moving into a new chapter in their lives, and while two thirds feel stressed on move day, one in two also feel excited for the adventure ahead.

The survey was commissioned by eBay in light of their refreshed Home Move hub; a dedicated on-site solution for movers with expert tips and tricks, packing essentials and storage solutions; which aims to help ease the stress of moving.