Chamberlains Estate Agents

Chamberlain provides a professional and personal service catering to the need of individual clients, helping you to navigate through the process of a home purchase.

Chamberlains maintains excellent communication with their clients, including regular news letters, keeping you up to date with current market trends and local knowledge specific to your search area. Chamberlains offered a friendly and available team that maintained continuity throughout the process with an individual advisor. Laura provided her professional advice and support when requested; the negotiation process was managed professionally and competently. A very positive experience and outcome. Thank you Chamberlains.

Chamberlains were fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone

Laura, Michelle and James provided a highly efficient and professional service, getting to know the property well, escorting all viewings and providing immediate feedback. While the property was under offer they reported back on progress every week, and dealt quickly with any issues that arose. The property sold quickly and smoothly.

They are a very friendly team and were a real pleasure to deal with.

Great communicators. Nothing was too much trouble.

When there was a problem with the buyer, it was sorted. Chamberlains- Michelle and James at Newton Abbot were always so positive and helpful. They chased up the buyers and got me the best price. Great advice on solicitor too. I would use Ison Harrison for any property buying or selling. Helen and Max at the Teignmouth office were also in constant communication with me regarding the sale,of another property, even when I was in France.
I would use this estate agent over anyone else after they got the deal I wanted and were pleasant ,helpful and effective. I am Impressed!!

Fantastic service, Quick sale at the right time!

We were only looking into the option of selling our property that we were renting out and spoke to Chamberlains about a valuation on the property which was more than we thought. They also had buyers ready to view the property. With the increase in stamp duty, Chamberlains managed to get an inflated sale price and the sale and exchange of the property on the a specific date which we needed.

They kept great communication along the whole process and were actually more helpful than our solicitors!

Overall they gave us a quick sale at a good price and managed the sale extremely well with difficult buyers.

Would recommend to anyone!

Newton Abbot office

The initial interview was professional, helpful and the manager was informative. The two negotiators we had working on our behalf were very happy to answer all my queries, nothing was too much trouble. They kept me informed through the whole process, making the sale as easy as possible.
I would not hesitate to recommend Chamberlains to anyone.
I have now instructed them to act as agent for my Mothers property.

Chicken or egg?

It’s the age-old quandary when you own your home and want to move: do I find a property I like then put my house up for sale….or do I put my house on the market and then hope I can find something after I accept an offer?

There’s no real right or wrong, but anyone in this position might like to take in to account some of the considerations. If you look around, find your dream home, and then decide to put your property on the market you’re putting yourself in a weak position. You might decide to make an offer on the property, but if your own home isn’t even on the market then, frankly, your offer won’t be taken seriously. What’s more, if you’ve fallen in love with that perfect home, then the chances are that someone else will too and they could be in a better position than you. I’m sure you’ll agree that this would be a disappointing and frustrating situation to find yourself in.

Alternatively, you decide to take the decision to move, but you haven’t found the right property yet. You decide to take a leap of faith, you put your home on the market and lo and behold you subsequently receive a tempting offer. At this point, my advice would be to accept the offer and, importantly, to inform your buyers that you haven’t found a property yet but that you’re actively and enthusiastically searching. In my experience, most buyers (who in turn have fallen in love with your home of course) will be happy to allow you a reasonable amount of time to search.

Now you’ll be in a very strong position when you stumble across your dream home. You can now make an offer confident that you are in a strong position: your own home is under offer, therefore your offer will be taken seriously and your ability to proceed will carry a lot of weight and the selling agents will be keenly promoting your offer to the vendors.

Selling, and for that matter, buying, can be a fraught process but a good agent will support you through the transaction and if you’re upfront about your intentions your agent will always fight your corner.

Whether or not you’re made any firm decisions about selling, we are always happy to come and have a chat about the process and to give you a complimentary property valuation, just call us on 01626 365055 or visit our webstite to book your appointment at a time that suits you.