Buying a property during COVID-19

COVID-19 has been an unpredictable time for billions across the globe. However, despite the uncertainty the property market has thrived. This is in no part down to the stamp duty exemption in the UK. The exemption has made it an ideal time for buyers to start looking and begin their search. However, we have been asked how buying a property during COVID-19 works many times. This article will explain all the details and how they differ from the usual procedure.

Beginning the search

The search for a house can begin like any other. Simply walk into one of our shops and talk to one of our friendly agents. Set out your budget and tell us what sort of property you’re looking for. After this we will get in touch to begin arranging viewings. If you’d prefer, we can begin your search over the phone. Don’t hesitate to call us to set out your requirements and we can proceed as normal from there.

Viewing a property

Viewing a property can work in one of two ways. You can choose to view the property as usual, visiting the house yourself in person. If this is your choice we would ask that you socially distance from the negotiator and any residents as well as wear a face mask at all times. Secondly, if it makes you feel safer, you may choose to have a virtual viewing. Our negotiator will ask for some details in order to video call you at an agreed time. The negotiator will then walk around the property with a video camera taking care to show you every detail you want to see. This method is certainly less thorough but is much safer for the negotiator, residents and yourself. The decision is yours!

Making an offer

If you’ve found your dream home and are happy to make an offer then you may proceed as usual. Should it be accepted then the process can begin. Please be aware that due to current circumstances these processes may take longer than usual. Your agent will work with you and the seller to build a timeline that suits everyone.

That’s it! Congratulations on your new home! Buying a property during COVID-19 may be different, but it couldn’t be easier with Chamberlains. If you’d like to get the ball rolling please come to our Newton Abbott office to discuss your next move.


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