Can I sell my property during COVID-19?

During an uncertain time, both buyers and sellers have many questions regarding the property market. For sellers, the key question is “Can I sell my property during COVID-19?” The short answer to this is yes. Our offices are back up and running as normal, meaning we are fully operational once again. This means customers are able to sell their properties, however there will be some changes to the usual processes.


Valuations are being conducted face-to-face, meaning an agent will come to your property to produce a valuation. All of this will be done while adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines as set by the government. This means our agents will wear a face mask while in your home and ensure they are at least 1 metre apart from residents. Should you prefer to be away from the property while the valuation is done, then arrangements can be made for this. Additionally, valuations can be made online. However, for the most accurate value to be determined, we recommend a face-to-face appointment.


Viewings will be conducted in a similar way, with agents socially distancing while wearing a face mask. Again, residents can decide to be away from the property should they prefer. Viewings may also be conducted via video. This will involve an agent walking around your property with a video camera to record a short video for the customer. Alternatively, this will be done via a video call, allowing the customer to ask questions about the property.


Should someone be interested in your property they are able to make an offer as usual. If this offer is agreed then the sale can be completed as usual. However, during this current time expect there to be some delays to the usual processes. Your agent will work with both the buyer and seller to agree a suitable timeline for the sale.

We hope this answers the question “Can I sell my property during COVID-19?” and provides you all the information you need. Our Newton Abbott office is open as usual so please feel free to come in and arrange a valuation for your property!

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