Chicken or egg?

Chicken or egg?

It’s the age-old quandary when you own your home and want to move: do I find a property I like then put my house up for sale….or do I put my house on the market and then hope I can find something after I accept an offer?

There’s no real right or wrong, but anyone in this position might like to take in to account some of the considerations. If you look around, find your dream home, and then decide to put your property on the market you’re putting yourself in a weak position. You might decide to make an offer on the property, but if your own home isn’t even on the market then, frankly, your offer won’t be taken seriously. What’s more, if you’ve fallen in love with that perfect home, then the chances are that someone else will too and they could be in a better position than you. I’m sure you’ll agree that this would be a disappointing and frustrating situation to find yourself in.

Alternatively, you decide to take the decision to move, but you haven’t found the right property yet. You decide to take a leap of faith, you put your home on the market and lo and behold you subsequently receive a tempting offer. At this point, my advice would be to accept the offer and, importantly, to inform your buyers that you haven’t found a property yet but that you’re actively and enthusiastically searching. In my experience, most buyers (who in turn have fallen in love with your home of course) will be happy to allow you a reasonable amount of time to search.

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Now you’ll be in a very strong position when you stumble across your dream home. You can now make an offer confident that you are in a strong position: your own home is under offer, therefore your offer will be taken seriously and your ability to proceed will carry a lot of weight and the selling agents will be keenly promoting your offer to the vendors.

Selling, and for that matter, buying, can be a fraught process but a good agent will support you through the transaction and if you’re upfront about your intentions your agent will always fight your corner.

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Chicken or egg?

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