Disappointed to say we didn’t have the best experience selling our property with Chamberlains Teignmouth. Admittedly it wasn’t the easiest property to sell but the Manager quickly wanted us to reduce the price after they’d set the initial marketing price, even though we were still getting offers. Felt quite pressurised into accepting offers that were very low (ie some 10/20k/25k below asking) & it did seem that they weren’t acting in our best interest as their clients. It appeared they just wanted to get a sale regardless of best price for us as they were on a fixed minimum fee so therefore did not matter to them what price we achieved. Unfortunately the Manager always appeared negative about the property even though it did have various positives. about it.

As we tried to hold out for a reasonable price the property was on the market for a year and during that time it was very stressful due to being bombarded with constant emails and phone calls going over the same ground. We found ourselves constantly repeating the same things to the Manager about the price we would accept.& other things and it did appear to be falling on deaf ears

In the end the property sold after 13 months and we accepted a reasonable offer,, which was actually some 15k more than what they wanted us to settle on. It was only through us sticking to our guns that we got this. We got so fed up of it all we were about to take the property off the market but then this offer came along.

On a positive note, the agents were easily contactable and did try to be helpful and in the end they did sell it for us albeit it at a high fixed commission fee!