Increase in thefts from UK driveways

According to the latest crime report from the Office of National Statistics, the UK has seen a 4% increase in the number of thefts as a result of domestic burglary and a 16% increase in the number of thefts from vehicle break-ins over the past year.

This is bucking a long-term trend of a gradual decrease in crime on UK streets since the mid-1990s and suggests that criminals are outsmarting some traditional security measures.

According to Police.UK’s February crime figures, Ilford isone of the UK’s most burgled postcodes and has seen a 55% increase in burglaries over the past year. Although the long-term decrease in UK crime is still evident, criminals appear to be less deterred from doorstep crime. The demand for more sophisticated home security to support police efforts is clear.

In addition to traditional home security measures it is important for communities to utilise new technologies in the fight against crime.

For maximum security a combination of both is suggested:

1. Use Smart Technology – Wi-Fi connected security devices, equipped with motion detectors, can send live video footage directly to your smart phone whenever suspicious activity occurs outside your home.

2. Lock up – Keeping all doors and windows locked every time you leave the house is essential to prevent opportunist thieves from easily entering your house.

3. Keep up appearances – If you are planning on going on holiday, make it look as if you are at home whilst you are away by mowing the lawn, keeping the curtains open and installing an automated porch light before you leave.

4. Visible Security – Visible security cameras are one of the strongest deterrents for Burglars.

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