Is it possible to sell during COVID-19?

As restrictions surrounding COVID-19 have become tighter and are constantly changing, many have been left asking the question “Is it possible to sell during COVID-19?” It is indeed possible to sell during COVID-19, however, expect a few changes to the usual protocols. Certain regulations alter the way we conduct viewings, valuations and offers. So check out our short guide below for all the details.


There are two ways valuations are being conducted at the moment. The first, is the traditional face-to-face method. During this time a valuer will come to your property wearing a face mask and ensure they socially distance. Other than this the valuation can take place as normal. Residents, should they prefer, can stay away from the property during this time. Secondly, you can choose to have your property valued remotely, over video call. This method will cause the accuracy of your valuing to suffer, therefore we recommend a face-to-face valuation.


Similarly, viewings can be conducted in one of two ways. Those viewing the property can choose to visit the property in person, adhering to all guidelines during this time. Of course, residents can choose to be away from the property during the viewing. Secondly, the viewing may be conducted remotely. This will involve the negotiator dialling into a video call with those viewing the property and showing them around the property in this way.


Finally, offers can be made in the usual manner during this time. However, should there be an agreement on the offer, the sales process may take a little longer. In this case, the agent will work with both parties to organise a timeline that suits both parties. Unfortunately, some of the processes surrounding sales have slowed during COVID-19.

Despite a few changes selling your property during this time couldn’t be easier! Head down to our Teignmouth office to discuss next steps to sell your property!

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