Landlord Fees

Fees to Landlords:

Service options

The service that we offer is dependent on the needs of the individual Landlord and can be tailored to best suit your requirements. However, there are 3 basic levels of service which are as follows:-

Full management – Includes all of points 1 – 20 below

The full management service is the most commonly used and is designed to relieve the Landlord of any stresses or worries which may arise by dealing with just about all matters on your behalf. Briefly our full management service includes all of the following:-

1) Initial visit and appraisal of the property being let including a rental valuation

2) Marketing the property to find a suitable tenant as described above

3) Arranging and conducting viewings. All viewings with prospective tenants in vacant properties are accompanied

4) Initial assessment of prospective tenant and report to Landlord

5) Take up formal references including credit check and immigration checks. Your prospective tenant will be charged a fee for this of £300 (including VAT) plus an additional £75 (including VAT) for each additional applicant or guarantor

6) Ensure property is ready for occupation including arranging for a gas safety check to be carried out (if required), rectifying any maintenance issues, cleaning etc. (Please note this is with the agreement of the Landlord and at the Landlords expense)

7) Advise on and ensure compliance with regulations relating to gas safety, electrical safety and furnishings

8) Arrange for an independent third party to prepare a detailed inventory / statement of condition

9) Prepare the tenancy agreement and any other associated documentation

10) Organise for the signing of the tenancy agreements, receiving advance rent monies and receiving the agreed deposit

11) Advising on and assisting with the transfer of utility accounts where required

12) Accounting to the Landlord and preparing a statement of initial monies received

13) Registering the deposit with an appropriate scheme in accordance with current regulations

14) Receiving and accounting for ongoing rents including preparing statements. Interest accruing on funds held by the Agent before transfer to the Landlords account will be retained by The Agent

15) Taking appropriate initial action in the event of arrears or any other breach of tenancy occurring

16) Carrying out regular inspections to ensure the property is being properly looked after, initially after the first three months and then every six months

17) At the Landlords expense to arrange any repairs, maintenance or replacements to the property or contents which come to or are brought to The Agent’s notice and which The Agent considers necessary, up to a maximum of two quotes and an estimated cost of £100 for any one item or job, The Owner being responsible for the cost involved. Where the estimated cost exceeds £100, notifying The Owner or their nominated representative who will be responsible for arranging and paying for such work or replacement. In the case of emergency work being required The Agent will proceed as necessary to prevent further damage and notify The Owner as soon as possible

18) Regularly liasing with the tenants to ensure an effective ongoing relationship

19) Serving notice to tenants in accordance with current regulations if required

20) Arrange for an independent third party to check the property against the inventory prepared at the termination of any tenancy

Rent collection service

Our rent collection service includes all points described above up to and including point 15. All other responsibilities including inspections and maintenance would be taken up by the Landlord.

Tenant find service

The tenant find service includes all points described above up to and including point 12. We will then hand the file over to the Landlord to take up the ongoing management of the tenancy.

FEES – NO LET, NO FEE (All fees stated INCLUDE VAT)

(a) Full Management – Initial Letting Fee – £240.00

Management commission equivalent to 12% of rents received

Subsequent re-lets – £240.00

(b) Rent Collection only – Initial Letting Fee – £240.00

Commission equivalent to 8.4% of rents received

Subsequent re-lets – £240.00

(c) Tenant Find only service – £600.00 plus 3% of any rent in advance

received over and above the first £1000.00

(d) Additional work – If additional work is required that is not included in your chosen

service this will be charged at £30 per hour or £60 per hour for attendance to court

(e) Sale of Property

In the event of a tenant, prospective tenant or a relation or associate thereof introduced by The Agent completing the purchase of the property at any time, a commission will be payable by The Owner to The Agent equivalent to one and one half percent of the selling price.

Chamberlains are not currently members of a client money protection scheme.

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