Matterport technology now at Chamberlains

Technological advancements have quickly improved countless aspects of the daily lives of millions of people. These breakthroughs have helped every industry- with estate agency being no exception. It started with the use of websites to search for properties, and the next step appears to be the use of the latest camera technology.

The camera model comes from an American company and it has already been making waves across the Atlantic. The Matterport camera produces three-dimensional, photographic images which allow users to explore a property, going from room to room, using a mouse, keyboard or, on smartphones or tablets, a finger. Think of it like Google Street View but for the inside of property!

Check out this lovely property in Liverton.. without getting off the sofa!

Users can even have a Virtual Reality experience- as the technology supports the latest headsets and goggles. This takes the experience to the next level and creates the illusion that you are actually inside the home!

Regardless of what screen they are looking at, viewers are free to move at their own pace, follow their own route and look wherever they want.


Chamberlains is an early adopter of this new technology and we are excited about the benefits it will bring to our customers.

We love the technology so much that we are giving away tours! If you ask us to market your home with Chamberlains we’ll produce a Virtual Walk Through of your home. Be one of the first! Call now quoting WTT when you book your appointment on 01626 365055.  Hurry as this offer is only for a limited time!!

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