Cooper Associates at Chamberlains

There is no need to pay for mortgage advice. 

Did you know some companies are charging hundreds of pounds to arrange a mortgage for you in addition to the fee they receive from a lender? At a time when every penny counts, pick a mortgage advisor that’s award winning, has access to the whole of the market, and doesn’t cost you a penny.

We’ve teamed up with Cooper Associates who provide our clients with first class mortgage advice at no cost. They will visit you at home or during lockdown will work with you over the phone or on zoom, whichever is best for you. Simply fill in the form and they will come back to you as soon as they can.

Can’t I just go to my bank?

You can certainly speak to your own bank or building society, however, it is highly likely that you will get an even better rate by going through a broker. Mortgage lenders tend to offer brokers like Cooper Associates the very best rates to try and win the business. It seems strange but by going direct to your bank could cost you more per month.

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