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Property Guides

Expert advice for selling and buying due to challenging circumstances

Our experience means we understand that selling or buying a new home can be an extremely emotional, stressful and overwhelming time in anyone’s life. Our guides cover some of the most challenging situations to help you make the decisions that best suit you and your circumstances.

Property Guides
Property Guides

Guide to Accurate & Ethical Pricing

This free guide is aimed at those who are looking to understand more about how to get an accurate idea on how much their property is worth.
Property Guides

First Time Buyers Guide

Some people are excited about moving out of rented, shared accommodation, or parents’ homes. Others are anxious about the amount of responsibility, paperwork, and money this move involves. We are here to guide and support you throughout the ups and downs of your home buying journey.
Property Guides

Selling a Probate or Inherited Property

This free guide is aimed at helping those who are are having to deal with the sale of a property of someone who has passed away, or a property that has been inherited.
Property Guides

Selling Due to Separation or Divorce

A free guide to help those who need to sell a property due to separation or divorce.
Property Guides

Selling Your Home When Downsizing

A free guide to help those looking to sell a property when downsizing.
Property Guides

Six Steps to a Successful Sale

A free guide to help those looking to sell a property, achieve the best result.

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