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Renting out or taking a let of a property can be a fraught process for both landlord and tenant.

Yes, there’s a tenancy agreement but a lot is taken on trust: will the tenant pay the rent; will the landlord carry out repairs……whatever the tenancy agreement says, if either party refuses or neglects to comply with the agreement it leaves the other party with a headache.

There will always be a solution to these issues but it can prove costly and time-consuming and the consequent souring of relations can make the ongoing landlord/tenant relationship difficult to manage.

Even in cases where a letting agent is involved, problems can emerge where the agent is slow to respond or takes an overly one-sided view. An agent will act for the landlord and this will usually be beneficial if the agent is professional and knowledgeable about letting law and practice. A good landlord should take the advice of their agent and this can avoid confrontations arising and the presence of a good agent as an intermediary between landlord and tenant will prevent parties from becoming entrenched when a dispute arises.

Ideally a landlord/tenant relationship will be based on mutual respect but when this breaks down there is much scope for disagreements. Problems can arise with deposits, sub-letting, pets, repairs, discrimination, evictions, boiler certification, inspections, council tax, TV licences, harassment…..the list goes on and on.

The input of an independent party will often bring some common-sense to bear, the only alternative will often be to resort to legal proceedings which can be both costly and stressful and without any certainty as to the outcome. The expense of instructing a solicitor can often exceed the cost of the dispute itself and legal proceedings can be protracted and certainly don’t offer a quick fix.

The Chamberlains advice service offers landlords and tenants quick advice which will be practical but based on a good understanding of landlord and tenant law. If you have a rental dispute with your tenant, landlord or estate agent then simply complete the online form and we’ll get back to you.

DISCLAIMER – Please note that this service is intended to provide general advice on situations that Landlords and Tenants may encounter and is not intended for the provision of legal advice. If legal advice is required this should be sought from a suitably qualified legal representative.