How will changes to mortgage tax relief impact landlords?

From April 2017, landlords’ ability to deduct mortgage interest payments from their rental income is gradually being phased out.

A recent study demonstrated that 47% of landlords did not know how the mortgage tax relief changes will affect them between now and 2020. The changes will be gradually phased in over the next four years so its important landlords review the changes and take action sooner rather than later.

Who the changes will effect

Any landlords who have a mortgage on a residential UK property. They do not apply to landlords of furnished holiday lets and commercial properties.

What the changes mean for landlords

Before April 2017, landlords were able to deduct both allowable expenses and mortgage interest costs from their rental income when declaring their profits to HMRC

The changes will be phased over the next 4 years:

How will changes to mortgage tax relief impact landlords?

By April 2020, landlords will not be able to claim tax relief on mortgage interest charges. Instead, landlords will receive a reduction on their final tax bill equating to 20% of the mortgage interest costs regardless of their tax bracket.

Some landlords who are currently on the threshold of a higher tax bracket may be forced into the next band and see an increase in their tax liability.

How landlords can negate the changes

The only way around these changes are to own your properties as part of a limited company. However, this can have implications in terms of national insurance tax and might not always be the most financially viable option.

These changes stress the importance of landlords ensuring they are making the maximum profit from their investment. The first step is to obtain an up-to-date, accurate rental valuation and, if demand is strong for similar properties in your local area, your letting agent will advise an increase in rent.

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