Could a wood-burning stove save you money on your energy bills
  • Almost 200,000 wood-burners were installed in Britain last year
  • The initial outlay can be expensive, costing £3,000 on average (including installation)
  • But they can significantly reduce your heating bills over time

With the weather turning and the days growing shorter, attention is shifting to the darker months ahead and keeping our homes warm.

One way of making a home more cosy this winter – and potentially saving money along the way – is installing a wood-burning stove.

While the initial outlay can be expensive, they can reduce your fuel bills, while at the same time being a fashionable addition to your home.

Why have sales risen in the past decade?

Wood-burning stoves were traditionally found only in countryside homes, which had a shed of wood close by and draughty rooms to keep warm.

But Paul Chesney, who runs the upmarket fireplace shop Chesney’s, says: ‘A decade ago, wood-burners were just not found in towns and city homes, but they’ve since gain ground in urban areas.’

He adds that they remain popular in countryside homes.

In total, 195,000 wood-burners were installed last year, according to the Stove Industry Alliance. This is up from 180,000 in 2012, but down from 210,000 in 2014.

Hugh Wells, vice chairman of the Stove Industry Alliance, said: ‘Installation figures have flattened recently due to winters not being so cold and the oil price being down. These factors do have an effect.

‘Wood-burning stoves are generally installed for a reason, such as a secondary heating supply or to save money. There is a percentage who have them installed because they are fashionable.’

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